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John Hundley

Court Holds Strict Test For Association Capacity

It’s a common practice in transactions involving big corporations and large sums of consideration.
To alleviate concerns about whether a party has authority to conduct the transaction, sophisticated
parties often ask for an opinion of counsel that the opposing entity has such authority and that all
required prerequisites have been met.

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Court Has No Discretion On Wage Withholding

The wage deduction provisions of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure leave a circuit court with no discretion to deny a request for a wage deduction order on grounds of extreme hardship, a panel of the Appellate Court in Chicago held recently.

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No Five-Day Notice Doesn’t Mean No Jurisdiction

Just as decades of apparently settled law governing post-judgment collection methods were turned on their heads by a decision of the Appellate Court in Chicago last fall (see Sharp Thinking No. 160 (Oct. 2018)), decades of apparently settled law governing eviction jurisdiction were upended by that same court just as fall turned to winter last month.

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Course-Of-Dealing Doctrine Applies In Non-UCC Cases

The use of course-of-dealing practices to define contractual commitments is statutorily established in sales-of-goods cases governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (810 ILCS 5/1-303(d)-(g)), but may a party rely on such evidence in a case involving services not covered by the UCC?

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